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Jenny's Story

Jenny began training with me in February 2011. Her starting stats were as follows:

#Weight 13st 5lb
Waist 40.5 inches
Hips 42 inches
Body Fat Percentage 36%
Skin Fold Scores
Bicep 15mm
Tricep 26mm
Subscapular 30mm
Suprailliac 29mm

February 2012 her stats were as follows:

Weight 10st 7lb
Waist 31 inches
Hips 36.5 inches
Body Fat Percentage 26%
Skin Fold Scores
Bicep 9mm
Tricep 14mm
Subscapular 14mm
Suprailliac 13mm

In a single year Jen has halved her skinfolds, lost 10% body weight, taken 9 and a half inches from her waist and lost nearly 3 stone in weight. This is a fantastic achievement and shows what can be done with regular exercise and a good, well balanced diet.

“In Ross Elliott I have found an excellent and professional personal trainer. His knowledge of the subject is considerable. Ross has skillfuly designed a programme that has really assisted me with my personal goals that stretch me further each session in a controlled and measured way. In September 2009 I unluckily suffered an infection after a minor hospital operation to my knee which greatly affected my ability to exercise. Ross directly helped me in my rehabilitation taking a keen interest in my progress. As a result, I am now back to near full fitness under his careful direction. This has greatly assisted in my personal confidence too.
So I can highly recommend Ross Elliott to anyone who has an interest in maintaining or building their fitness, whatever their circumstances.” Graham Cranford Smith
"I have been training with Ross for 8 months and I love it. I want to maintain my fitness without the monotony of the same old gym routine. With Ross no two sessions are the same. Which is great as it stops the boredom setting it. Ross is reliable, organised, easy to talk to and brilliant at teaching new exercises. I always feel that Ross has put thought and effort into every one of my sessions - he gives you the feeling that you are working towards a goal together- always building on the last session. Ross is professional and calm - he pushes you without making you dread the next session. If you are trying to get back into excersise or training for something specific, PT sessions with Ross are well worth the money." Verity Wring
"We at Bath Rugby loved working with Ross. He not only offered firm, educated training advice but proved easy to get along with which is half the battle! I, in particular, was very sad to see him leave as he helped me greatly with the rehabilitation of some serious injuries. A very good trainer and even better bloke." David Flatman, Bath Rugby & England
"Ross's personal training is excellent. He really helped me with my training for the Bath Half Marathon. With four children, it's difficult to fit quality training in but one to one training is every bit worthwhile and has really paid off. Ross really motivates and it's great to have someone there making sure you are doing the exercises correctly. No two sessions are ever the same and I thoroughly enjoy every session." Thanks Ross". Jill Wring
"I was introduced to Ross 18 months ago by a friend who was a client of his. To be honest that very first training session we did I was apprenhsive wondering if I would even get through it. But I did and my whole attitude to keep fit has changed. My training sessions are an important part of my week and I always feel so much better. Each week my sessions are different and are tailored individually. Ross is very professional but still approachable and his knowledge on exercise, diet and how to achieve a healthy lifestyle has been a great help.
Tracey Wellman
Thanks to my weekly personal training and circuit training sessions with Ross I have achieved weight loss and fitness goals that I really didn't think were possible before. With Ross's commitment to help me hit my goals it has really built my confidence in what I can achieve, which has positive effects on other aspects of my life. The sessions with Ross and his good advice means that my training when not with him is much more efficient also. He is tough, but fair, puts up with my whinging and I always leave feeling better then when I walked in, so in my mind he is worth every penny! Zoe Coombs 
I decided to start training with Ross to re-focus on exercising and getting back into shape. I had always been active before having the children, but found I just couldn't get the results I wanted on my own. Ross has shown me how to exercise more effectively and smarter - just using the time that we have in a better way. I feel so much healthier and have completely changed shape. I have also dropped a clothes size and lost about 12 lbs of fat!! Most importantly, I feel so much more confident about the way I look and feel like 'me' again! (Denise Mellersh, 38)
I started training with Ross in July 2010 in order to improve my fitness, health and to lose some weight. The sessions are fun, challenging and definitely rewarding. I am now doing things i thought impossible only a few months ago, such as road running. I'll be taking part in a Race For Life, where I aim to run the whole way. Working with Ross has increased my confidence and I have seen amazing results. In January we made a deal that I would be at my target weight of 9 and a half stone by July and almost 2 stones later I just have 2lbs to go! Thanks for all your help Ross!! Samantha Evans
Ross Elliot Gym